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Silchar Mid 80's


It’s HSLC Examination, I am using all my wits for months together with good intentions and well-oiled hair and frequent teas and late night coffees, to crack the exam. After the tenterhook comes D-day, The result is out! With some exultations and nervousness, I find myself in the revered hillock of The G C College. Boy you have arrived!!!

This is the 10+ Life and I feel no less than a film star in looks, with matching intelligence of Einstein (My apologies). On the first day at college, I take seat along with close friends and ex -school mates, looking around in awe at the number of students and the size of the class in the stadium like hall near the botany lab. After some days and acclimatization, I look around at the coolest boys and girls (By my choice) and within a few weeks we are all best of pals. After the convent school, college was real liberty and hence, we used to bunk class just for the heck-of-it and sometimes even go to see movies at the nearby Gopinath Talkies without informing home, just to make sure that our freedom is intact.

Time zips and then suddenly the first year exam is over and the horrible marks in various subjects’ slams in my face, the gravity of class-12 takes over my elevations. It is then only studies and tuitions and mock tests and tea and coffee again.

The described snap-shots happened to me 22 years back and now because of the association, I am able to soak myself in those carefree days.

Present New Delhi

Our Alumni Association has completed a year now. It is still in its formative years, but like a child, the next few years will be the most crucial ones as it will firm up its activities and shape its destiny. It is all about Ex G C College Students and their family. The Delhi/NCR region is about 30 Thousand square kilometers with a population of a few crores. We can safely say there is less then a 1000 alumni in the entire region. We are reaching to alumnus present in Delhi/NCR through net-working. Till now we had been quite successful, but we still think there are 100s of our Ex College mates, whom we have not reached owing to lack of contact-information, hence, the onus lies in all members to inform them about the association.

We planned for this souvenir in September 2007. Frankly speaking, our conviction to attain the feat was slightly shaky. We thought it would be difficult to get advertisements in the name of the Association, whose credentials are not known in Delhi/NCR. An informal discussion with our elders and our Patron Smt.Bithika Dev in Delhi and her assurance of assistance made us approach the situation more boldly. We had access to email ids of several of our alumnus throughout the country. Using regular courier/mail would have taxed our resources, so we sent e-mail to all requesting for advertisements and Articles. And we can happily share that the response for both Advertisements and articles has been very heartening and a encouraging. The response we got from Silchar has been very significant and has now given us a new dimension, for planning our activities and focus. We did all this without using any tool of wide publicity.

We are mostly from North East, settled in Delhi. Our most basic activity as an Alumni Association will be to have gatherings, where we meet each other with our family for a lunch or so, take stock, enhance our net working and share our ingrained pride for our Alma Mater. The idea is also to keep alive the deep rooted bondage we all share with the Barak-Valley and North East through some cultural activities. As for our social responsibilities, we aspire to work on some successful and tangible programs. The same will be informed to all at later stages after setting the modalities. We aspire to make this association best amongst equals and more.

On an individual level, I thank you all for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the First Executive Council of the Guru Charan College Alumni Association NCR. I am part of a team, which has all the ingredients to run a successful & fast growing company with no extra baggage. Because of the Association, I have come in contact with our warm and hearty Ex-Students and their families from various walks of life. Most of our conversations and interaction has been of pleasant surprises and of small expectation to share some time together, like our old time Adda. All this will definitely tank-up my emotional quotient and give me courage to face the unpleasant challenges of life.

My Heart Felt Thanks to:

  • Chief-Patron and an Alumnus Shri Santosh Mohan Dev and Patron Smt. Bithika Dev, for their guidance and encouragements and support.
  • Management team of Bipin Chandra Pal Memorial Trust for supporting and encouraging us to have our meetings and gatherings at the venue.
  • Prof. Nirmal Kanti Bhattacharjee our President for shepherding us through.
  • Shri D K Dutta Choudhury and Shri Subimal Deb our Vice Presidents, who are the source of the Idea of this association and their guidance.
  • Smt. Krishna Misra Bhattacharjee our Cultural Secretary for taking care of the Souvenir and our Cultural Activities assisted by Smt Kakoli Dey.
  • Shri Siddhartha Shankar Adhikari, Shri Tapash Paul, Smt. Ambalika E Choudhury, Shri Joydeep Samadder and Smt.Tara Paul Choudhury for being the Core Team to handle rough seas along with all our other EC members.
  • All the authors who have contributed their articles/write-ups for the Souvenir
  • All the sponsors and Alumni who made it happen
  • My special thanks to Shri Chandan Paul Choudhury, Sr.Lecturer, G C College Silchar, for his personal initiative to collect articles and sponsors from Silchar and propagating the name of our Association in a section of society in Silchar.

Subhajit Deb Roy is presently working in a Navaratna PSU - posted in Delhi and aspires to do his bit for the Alma Mater and his hometown Silchar.

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