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The set of elements in the P.U.C. Sc. used to be crisp set with no fuzziness, either an element belongs it or it does not. The volumetric space occupied by this set was Hall 4. There were several subsets, namely set of colourful sari clad elements and not so colourful elements. These two sets were complimentary with their union set being P.U.C. Sc.; and the intersection is a null set. Approximately 10% of the total elements belong to set of colourful elements. There were other subsets also, set of elements with biology, set of elements with advanced maths, set of elements without fourth subject. Elements tended to have fluidic behaviour. They needed force to settle to crystalline state of regular arrangement within Hall 4. Only in the presence of unifying force exerted by knowledge imparting mentors at focus, the elements would occupy the Hall 4 space. These knowledge imparting systems would appear periodically in turns in the form of full rectified square wave with a small delta t time gap between successive pulses. In absence of such knowledge imparting systems, the element would behave like gas molecules and the colourful ones would sneak out one by one. Some amongst the not so colourful ones, having high affinity for fluids i.e., either gaseous smoke or liquid tea, would escape to Looku’s space. In the time domain these elements conglomerated in to set, from August to December and only on working days, from 10.30 A.M to 3.00 P.M.

The knowledge emitting systems would emit knowledge of different kinds at varying decibels (dB) and frequencies. Some would impart Physical, while some others would impart Chemical and yet some others would impart Mathematical and Biological knowledge. Last but not the least was the literature knowledge imparting ones. The set P.U.C.Sc. , was part of a larger system called GCC. The principal axis of GCC was great to interact with, would keep elements spell bound in gyration around the axis through centripetal attraction of teaching by centrifuging poetry, say, ‘Ozymundias Of Egypt’ or ‘Sohrab meets Rustum’. The lord of Puri would mesmerize all elements through ‘Sharhe sath gondar jamidhar’ even in time beyond the specified domain. The Jewel in the crown was simply great in illuminating the elements through optical principles and was also lion hearted to pardon erring elements. With right choice of catalyst and proper application of Le-Chatelier’s principle, SEN SINHA DUTTA & Co. would produce ammonia through Haber’s process in smooth flow that is unparallel, the product surely acted as fertilizer for the growing elements. The angles, sub-angle and multiple angles and relationships of their sin and cos ratios were made to appear rather simple because of beauty, i.e., sri or one with sri. All in all, the phenomena occurring in the space of Hall 4 were amazing; the Brownian motion of the elemental intellect would be controlled and put to order. It was like a high density medium, any thing entering in to its boundary would converge closer to normal due to refraction so long as the incident angle is less than critical angle. Lesser was the incident angle less would be the angle of refraction. Some elements did impinge with incident angle more than critical angle and would be reflected back due to total internal reflection.

Turbulence came at known times like step function and disappeared after a while. Minor turbulences were all internal with no consequences on elements. A major turbulence would come at the end in the beginning of month of March and throw every one in to the vortex. Some would emerge out of the vortex with flying colours and others may come out differently. There after the elements would get scattered, some would join engineering, some others would join medicine and some other would continue with Science major etc. I was one of the luckier ones. The mentors shaped me to eject out with escape velocity to outer space, the cosmos of IITS. This article, is my humble way of expressing gratitude and ‘pronam’ to all my mentors in GCC.

Shri Biswajit Bhattacharjee is a Professor in the Civil Engineering Department of IIT, Delhi.

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