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There are some colleges, which are famous for their teaching and teachers. There are some colleges, which are famous for their illustrious students. There are some colleges, which are famous for the range of subjects that they teach. And, there are however some which are famous only for their names and for their unique ambience. Gurucharan College belongs to the last category. The very name and the sheer ambience of Gurucharan College have made it an institution of eminence. There are some colleges, which are more famous than Gurucharan College. And, there are some colleges, which are less famous than Gurucharan College. But, there is no College in the entire Northeast which is so special, so unique and so outstandingly vibrant.

It is said that what one reads is very important for the evolution of a person. But, it must also be remembered that where one reads is also equally important for the evolution of a person. The place, the ambience and the environment immensely contribute to the growth and the flowering of a human mind. And, on this unique ground, Gurucharan College scores very heavily.

An institution and a College generally impart education through a syllabus. Unfortunately, in contemporary system of education, students get mired in syllabus. Somehow, the burden of syllabus sits heavily on them. This makes education a little dull and bland. But, the ultimate aim of an institution is to create a cluster of values, to (produce a bunch of wonderful people, a pool of complete individuals who leave their stamp in every walk of life. If an institution can achieve this, it becomes its benchmark. Gurucharan College has become eminently successful in creating this intellectual benchmark. By creating and producing a bunch of students, a pack of resourceful and resurgent individuals, year after year, Gurucharan College has provided an unending pool of human resource of a massive magnitude. In sheer scale and quality, this is awesome. There is no area of Northeast or, should I say, East India, where Gurucharan College is not represented. Even today, in the whole of the Northeast and East India, when education is fast slinking into the morass of degeneration, people talk of Gurucharan College with love, curiosity and awe. People just love to talk about Gurucharan College. People gossip about Gurucharan College, people love Gurucharan College, often people kick up controversy about Gurucharan College and at times, people snigger at the achievements of Gurucharan College. But, they can never i$paoi» Cuwaeharan College. People want Gurucharan College to set the trend in education, to make path - breaking models of excellence to surge ahead of others. The primacy of Gurucharan College in the education map of the Northeast is never questioned. Gurucharan College has remained the centre of attention to all those who matter in Northeast Never in its long innings, Gurucharan College has lost its preeminence. This is no mean achievement for a College, which started its journey in a trembling pace and on a tottering wicket. What started as a small step has become, overthe years, a massive movement in education. What started as a trickle has become a splurge.

I will err in duty if I do not acknowledge the contribution of the early pioneers who built up this institution by the sweat of their brow. The name of Blshnucharan De Purkayashth Kironsashi Naug readily comes to our mind.

Who can not forget the contribution of the great and the illustrious Arun Kumar Chane as the first Principal of the College built up this Institution brick by brick. Then, there werE outstanding teachers who lent colour, quality and vision to this College. Late Jogendra Choudhury, Late R. K. Dutta Gupta, Late Haripada Bhattacharjee, Late Debabrata Duttc Sasanka Sekhar Bhattacharjee were not only outstanding teachers but moulders of society. fail to record their contribution. They nurtured this college with fatherly care, motherly 10' scholarly erudition.

As we moved into the 21st century, we need a massive structural change in educatior through an educated manpower, India can reclaim her position in the family of nations. new, emerging world order, a College can and should play an important role. I am COI Gurucharan College will be able to meet this challenge. To dovetail the past and the pres the light of the emerging trends, is the need of the hour. Gurucharan College, while rerr wedded to its heritage, must accept the demands of the 21st century education. In this not demanding task, Gurucharan College, Silchar will leave its indelible stamp.

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