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Election Procedure

5.2.1 Composition

a. The affairs of the Association shall be managed by an elected Executive Committee;
b. The Executive Committee may make Bye Laws for running the affairs of the Association;
c. The Executive Committee shall consist of the following office bearers and members:
(a) (One) President
(b) (Four) Vice President
(c) (One) General Secretary
(d) (Two) Joint secretaries
(e) (One) Treasurer
(f) (Ten) Executive Members
(g) The Executive Committee may co-opt two (2) members in the Executive committee from core members.

5.2.2 Elections of Members of Executive Committee

d. Election for the Executive Committee shall be held at the General Body Meeting, normally through voice votes. In exceptional circumstances, Secret ballot or postal ballot could be used. (The nominated person and the proposers should be physically present at the venue at the date of election)

e. Only the Core Members of the Association will have the right to vote in the elections for the Executive Committee. Any such member who is a defaulter on annual subscriptions for the current financial year (including any core member currently suspended on account of non-payment of annual subscription) will not have any voting rights for these elections.

f. The Incumbent President of the Association will nominate a Returning Officer from among the existing Core Members of the Association to conduct the elections.

g. The Returning Officer will invite the nominations by a date fixed by him/her, on a prescribed nomination form.

h. Any Core Member of the Association (who is not a defaulter on annual subscription) could be nominated by 2 (two) other core members of the Association (who also are not defaulters on annual subscription). An Associate Member (who is not a defaulter on annual subscription) could be nominated for the Executive Committee; if such nomination is supported by 2 (two) core members of the Association (who, again, are not defaulters on annual subscription).

i. Only Core Member of the Association are eligible for the positions of President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Joint Secretaries and Treasurer and Executive Members (All posts).

j. At the AGM, the Returning Officer will verify the voting rights of the Core. The elections will be conducted by voice vote (OR) All members eligible to vote will be supplied with ballot papers. Voting will be conducted through “secret ballot”, and after voting (for one person for each position up for election) the closed ballot papers will be returned to the Returning Officer.

k. In the case of postal ballot in exceptional circumstances, the returning Officer shall send the postal ballot papers to all members, eligible to vote, for according their voting preferences. The Returning Officer will fix a cut-off date for receiving votes, and only the votes received within the stipulated cut-off date will be considered valid.

l. The members can vote for one candidates for each position up for election. The election of a candidate shall be finalized on the basis of maximum number of votes polled. In case of tie, the person having an earlier date of birth shall be declared elected.

m. The election results shall be finalized and declared by the returning officer. No legal suits shall be admissible in regard to the election process.

n. The Executive Committee shall, from time to time, provide procedure about holding elections in the Bye-Laws.

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